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Soal- Soal Toefl Dan Pembahasannya

1. Plankton, ______, is the basic foodstuff for everything that lives in the ocean.
(A) Comprise both minute marine animals and plants
(B) Is the name given to minute marine animals and plants
(C) The collective name for minute marine animals and plants
(D) Minute marine animals and plants collectively that
Answer : (C) the collective name for minute marine animals and plants
Grammar : Noun Modifier

2. The French Quarter is the most famous and the most old section of New Orleans.
                                       A              B                       C                             D
Answer : C (most old)
 The superlative form of a one-syllable adjective (old) is formed with the suffix -est: oldest.

3. Liquids take the shape of any container which in they are placed.
                              A           B                     C                        D
Answer : C (which)
 in The preposition must precede the relative pronoun: in which.

4. Many communities are dependent on
groundwater __________ from wells for
their water supply.
(A) that obtained
(B) obtained
(C) is obtained
(D) obtain it
Answer : B (obtained)
 The only correct way to complete this sentence is with a participle (obtained really means which is obtained).

5. Physical therapists help patients relearn how to use their bodies after disease or injure.
                                                           A              B                         C                       D
Answer : D (injure)
 A noun (injury), not a verb (injure), is required.

6. Not only ____________________ places of
beauty, but they also serve scientific and
educational purposes as well.
(A) are botanical gardens
(B) botanical gardens to be
(C) botanical gardens are
(D) to be botanical gardens
Answer : A (are botanical gardens)
 A main verb, such as are, is required to complete the clause (to be is not a main verb), and the subject and verb must be inverted because the clause begins with the negative phrase not only.

7. _________________ the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.
(A) Because of its durability and economy
(B) Because it lasts a long time, and it is very economical
(C) Because of its durability and it is economical
(D) Because durably and economy wise it is better than all the others.
Answer : (A) because of its durability and economy
Grammar : Adverbial clause of Reason

8. Those students do not like to read novels _______________ text books.
(A) In any case
(B) Forgetting about
(C) Leaving out the questions
(D) Much less
Answer : (D) much less
Grammar : clause of contrast

9. Before starting on a sea voyage, prudent navigators learn the sea charts, __, and memorize lighthouse locations to prepare themselves for any conditions they might encounter.
(A) Sailing directions are studied
(B) Study the sailing directions
(C) To direct sailing studies
(D) Studies direct sailing
Answer : (B) Study the sailing studies
Grammar : Gerund

10. At the Seventh International Ballet Competitions, Fernando Bujones won the first gold medal ever _________ to a United States male dancer.
(A) To be awarded
(B) To awards
(C) That awards
(D) Should be awarding
Answer : (A) to be awarded
Grammar : infinitive

11. In the south-western part of the United States, most of the watercomes 
      A                                                                                       B
of the Colorado River and the manmade lakes created from it.
C                                                                      D                            
Answer : (C) comes of
Grammar : the correct answer is “comes from” because it’s explain prepositions of place positions

12. Bill Clinton, that won the 1992 presidential election, was 
                                A                                           B                     C
formerlygovernor of the state of Arkansas.
Answer : (A) that
Grammar : the correct answer is “who” because it’s explain adjective clause

13. In 1791, Quebec was divided into two
sections, Upper Canada and Lower Canada,
_____________ were ruled by elected
(A) they both
(B) both of them
(C) in which both
(D) both of which
Answer : D (both of which)
 This choice correctly follows the pattern quantifier + of + relative pronoun.

14. A number of the materials used in manufacturing paint are potential dangerous if mishandled.
            A                                                                          B        C                              D
Answer : C (potential)
 An adverb (potentially), not an adjective (potential), is needed.

15. __________ experimental studies of the
aging process, psychologist Ross McFarland
determined that people could work
productively much longer than had
previously been thought.
(A) In that
(B) Through
(C) Since
(D) Into

Answer : B (Through)
 This sentence can be correctly completed only with an introductory prepositional phrase (Through experimental studies).

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